Wire & Cable and
Interconnect Specialists
  • Calmont Wire & Cable  has been manufacturing custom cable since 1958.  Calmont specializes in complex unique wire constructions in both thermoplastic and high temperature fluoropolymers. Markets include medical, military, test and instrument and other precision markets.   High strand, hybrid and micro-miniature configurations highlight Calmont's capabilities.
  • Cicoil Cable  is the Clear Choice™ for repetitive motion, vibration, harsh environments, temperature extremes, and confined spaces. Cicoil provides unique solutions for medical, automation/robotics, military/aerospace, semiconductor and other demanding applications. 
  • Grayline Inc. manufactures flexible tubing that is made from a wide variety of materials that offer their own distinctive characteristics to meet your application requirements. In those applications that may benefit from a custom solution, Grayline engineers will work with compounders to develop an optimal material for you. Products include wire harness/electrical, fluid transfer, chemical resistant, food and beverage, medical, fuel and oil resistant, pneumatic and hydraulic tubing.  Services include cutting, custom colors, printing, custom profiles, and thermal bonding.
  • Lee Yuen Electrical Mfy Limited is a Hong Kong based fully integrated manufacturer of power cords.  With copper drawing and compounding Lee Yuen sets the standard for quality power cord manufacturing, earning the Sony Green Certification in 2007.  An ISO 9001 and 14001 manufacturing facility that employs ICP to ensure ROHS and REACH compliance, you can be certain your product meets all technical  and environmental considerations.   
  • Matrix Cable Solutions is a domestic manufacturer of high performance custom coil/retractile cords. Short lead times for prototype and production and unlimited configuration options set MCS apart from the rest.    
  •  Nicomatic ADS based in Warminster, Pennsylvania, is a global designer and manufacturer of electronic connectors and cables used in Aerospace, Defense and Security. Nicomatic interconnect solutions carry power, information and video between printed circuit boards and cable assemblies in vehicles and systems like airplanes, tanks, weapon systems and UAVs. Founded in 1976 and headquartered in Bons-En-Chablais, France the company also maintains production and sales facilities in the United States and China. With its international plants and 100% in house production process, Nicomatic is able to offer two week turn-around on many micro connectors.
  • Quabbin Wire & Cable Co. manufactures cable for datacenter, local area network, industrial local area network, process control, sensors and instrumentation, stage lighting, telecommunication systems, computer peripherals and custom applications. At Quabbin, the focus is on manufacturing the best products on the market — not just compliant, better than compliant. The desire to produce world beating products is our foundation. After that it comes down to holding tighter tolerances in the manufacturing facility and we do it consistently. We do this by having two dedicated plants, one designed to run Ethernet only, while the other is designated for General Purpose cable. This allows our operators to maximize efficiency and perfect every cable that is being made. Quabbin has stocking warehouses in MA., FL., TX and CA.

Product Data Sheets for many of the listed manufacturers are available for download at Alloy Associates Data Sheets                                                                                                                                                                                          



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